What's the anthem? LoveSoundColor!

Who are we?  Wild and Free!


 Born in Plantation, FL to a Bajan mother and a Syrian father, LoveSoundColor, aka HaBebe, KarenBE, entered the World on a Sunny Ray on an August Day. By her first birthday, she had already lived in 3 countries.  Her first sentence was a song.  Her love of expression and communication led to learning several languages, besides her native English & Arabic.  At 2 years old, they moved to the Bay Area, where she was raised.

She studied classical piano from age 3, then later guitar, and bass, which opened her to the world of music production.  Soon her authentic brand of fire was flowing abundant in lush dripping layers of aloha sunshine sounds.

A Symbolist and a Romantic, LoveSoundColor grew up loving Books and reading.  She graduated with honors from the University of San Diego and wrote her senior thesis on the collection of poetry that changed her perspective on Shadow and Light, "Les Fleurs du Mal, " by French author, Charles Baudelaire.  Even the darkness can bloom beauty and inspire the light.  Music and Art and Poetry became her anchor to herself.

While living and working in Damascus, Syria, LoveSoundColor began painting again.  The images were like dreamscapes streaming in through an open window in the desert.  In this moment, LSC recognized the gift is feeling the breeze and being able to communicate that feeling, bridging the internal with the communal. 


LoveSoundColor commands her spectrum talents, weaving mystic layers of sound and color to create a portal to her very own magical planet.  This tropical Bedouin songbird has lived all over the world and has performed on renowned global stages & recorded with some of the world's star players.  Her authentic brand of fire flows abundant in lush dripping layers of sunshine sounds.

She is currently working on a film so beautiful even the coldest heart will melt and expand with emotion.



We are collectively awakening to the importance of a clean and organized mind.  Being human means being emotional.  Sometimes there is a gap between the fires of emotion and the coolness of reason.  The goal is always to feel.  Disconnection is not a viable option. When i accept the waves of emotions as they come and focus my energy into flow, I shift from a REactive reality to a PROactive one and it feels so liberating! Like a whole new world.  

I have been creating video meditations, incorporating sound and movement and color to direct my personal visualizations.  Basically, I lead the emotional self on a focused  journey through light and color and sound, guided by my tribe of spirits, to redirect energy and inspire action from reflection.   These videos are beautiful and bizarre and entrancing and fill me with  a mystic peace and luminosity.  It is so important to slow down and practice conducting the feelings we love.  My devotion and gratitude to Love brings me to this new moment of sharing.  

I want you to join me.

I do it for us.

L  o  v  e  S o u n d  C o l o r

All Sound and Images and Words by

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